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  From: Borries Demeler <>
  To  :
  Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 08:03:26 -0500 (CDT)

UltraScan Help needed

Hello everyone,

I am nearing completion of a new version of UltraScan that has a few extra
features (see Changelog file below) and a number of bugfixes.

In order to make this software available to as many as possible users,
I need some help in compiling binaries for various platforms. Since at
this time I only have a PC with Linux and an old SGI (ver. 5.3) available,
I want to solicit the help of RASMB users with access to different hardware.

Here is what I need:

static and shared binaries for:

DEC Alpha
Sun Sparc Station
SGI (newer versions, i.e. 6.x)
Mklinux (Macintosh)

and whatever other Unix/X-Windows workstations people are using.

Here is what you need:

QT libraries 
QWT libraries 
Gnu gcc
Gnu make 
Gnu assembler/linker
standard C libs 
and a copy of my source code 
(All software is available for free from various ftp sites)

You may also be able to use different compilers/make/assmeblers, but 
in that case you may have to fiddle with the Makefiles or use tmake.

And, of course, an Internet connection. If you think you can help out, 
please let me know.

Thanks, -Borries

Changelog for version 3.1 (BF = Bug Fix, NF = New Feature):

NF      edit.cpp: Data Editing/Data Details:
        added signal returnPressed to line edit run_if_le to cause
        equivalent action as clicking on "Accept"

BF      vhw_dat.cpp:
        added warning to capture time correction problem when proper data
        was edited with buggy flag set true.

BF      average.cpp:
        Program will not crash anymore when attempting to average derivative
        data without calculating the derivative first; a warning message
        is displayed instead.

NF      simdlg.cpp & simwin.cpp: Color scheme updated for all dialogues

NF      simdlg.cpp:
        Parameter setup for simulation parameters has been changed to
        allow saving and loading of previous parameter definitions

NF      hydrod.cpp:
        All files are now saved and loaded to/from the UltraScan
        root directory

NF      combine.cpp: each distribution has a different color now for
        easier distinction.

BF      distrib.txt writes correct text string now for more than one
        dataset by making a deep copy of the string.

NF      edit.cpp: Added centerpiece information variable. This allows to
        differentiate between 2- and 6-channel centerpieces, aluminum and
        epon centerpieces (for finite element bottom of cell definition),
        and between conventional and synthetic boundary cells. If synthetic
        boundary cells are selected, the data will be integrated to provide
        radial data equivalent to conventional cells. In that case, total
        concentration is reported on plots.

NF      All windows:
        Changed layout control for multiple windows. Windows will
        cascade from main UltraScan window for easy window access.

NF      edvint.cpp:
        Added Interference editing.

BF      vhw_dat.cpp, sim_dat.cpp, dcdt_dat.cpp, dcdr_dat.cpp:
        All data analysis functions now exit gracefully with an
        appropriate error message when not sufficient scans are available
        for an analysis.

BF      edvint.cpp:
        reduced the number of scans shown for the scaled meniscus region
        to eight only, or less if less than 8 scans are available.
        Including all scans can lead to long redraw times, especially
        on slow 2-D video chips.

NF      ushydro.cpp:
        Added class US_Hydro1 for simulation of molecular and hydrodynamic
        parameters based on density, viscosity, vbar, molecular weight,
        and temperature.

NF	ushydro.cpp:
	Added class US_Hydro2 for calculation of molecular weight/
	sedimentation coefficient/diffusion coefficient/molecular
	dimensions for various ellipsoids and rod models from partial
	information obtained from whole boundary fitting experiments.

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