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  From: Arturo J. Morales <>
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  Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 14:58:21 -0700

vbar for RNA-Protein complex?


As usual, we are trying to do something we dont have much experience on :)

I have a likely RNA-Protein complex, but haven't found to way to calculate
a vbar for it from sequence... can anyone give me a quick pointer to where
I could find such info?  Is this a viable thing to do? are there any other
preffered methods to look calculate MW of a complex in the AU? 

Here's the system:

We have a farily invisible protein (No Trp's,  2Tyr, 2Phe)... and it seems
to interact with an RNA... By following the ABS at 260nm, and calculating
the MW in an eq. reaction, we should get good data (in a perfect world, of
course)... I expect vbar to change from that of a pure RNA to somewhere in
between an RNA and the protein, but I'm not sure how to approach this...

Thanks in advance!


     Arturo J. Morales    (RPI
   Department of Biology - Massachusetts Institute of Technology &
  Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology - Scripps Research Institute

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