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  From: Arturo J. Morales <>
  To  :
  Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 11:10:01 -0700

Hello all!,

I'm using the Svedberg prg to look at some sedimentation data. I've used it
before to look at absorbance data, but this time I have to look at
interference scans...

My scans move up and down quite a bit (which I'm assuming is normal, this
is my first time using Interference) and I read that the prg will take that
into account, but when it comes time to display the residuals, fits and
scans, they are all over the place (I cannot superimpose) Is there a
preffered way to do this? I think I can manually edit the scans, but I dont
know if there is a way to do it in the prg.



     Arturo J. Morales    (RPI
   Department of Biology - Massachusetts Institute of Technology &
  Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology - Scripps Research Institute

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