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  From: Arturo J. Morales <>
  To  :
  Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 16:10:52 -0700

Low MW peptide... follow-up

thanks to all who answered... I found the info very useful... besides the
fact that this is our first experiment on the XL-I, things seem to be
relatively well...  now I get to complain to Beckman about the user
interface and the fact that origin 3.78 cannot read files if they are too
deep in the directory structure under windows 95. (I find it funny that
origin does not support v3.78 under windows 95, but that's what Beckman
ships... this system is unstable and clumsy...)  oh well

I've been spinning at 60k and I can see the boundary moving well... it's a
little noisy (maybe because my abs at 280 is only .25) , but hopefully it
will be useful :)... now since this is a thermostable peptide... it would
be kind of fun to run the same experiment at 80 degrees, but I'll wait for
that :)

Thanks again!


     Arturo J. Morales    (RPI
   Department of Biology - Massachusetts Institute of Technology &
  Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology - Scripps Research Institute

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