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  From: Walter Stafford <>
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  Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 22:38:28 -0400 (EDT)

RE: lowest OD/conc...

Hi Art,

	The MW of your peptide a is little bit low for a sedimentation 
velocity run. But, the OD is not too low for an equilibrium run, especially if 
you can observe it at 230 nm or lower. But even at 280 nm if you use a
column height of 5mm (about 0.25 cc in a double sector cell) and run about
24 hours, you should be able to get a good result. 

The predicted time to equilibrium at 50,000 rpm (sigma = 4.0) at 20 degrees is 
17 hours and at 4 deg. is 25 hours.

Hope that helps,

Walter Stafford

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