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  From: Tom Laue <>
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  Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 14:17:00 -0400

Workshop slides

Dear RASMBers,
There have been some requests for the PowerPoint presentations that I use
in workshops. These have been deposited at the FTP site for RASMB in the
'Workshop' subdirectory under the Spin subdirectory. The filename is The powerpoint presentations are in the zip file, and should
be extracted into one directory. 

I am sorry that these have no text to go with them. If there is sufficient
interest, I'll try to make these more accessible. Also, if anyone wants to
add slides or topics to these, I would be glad to coordinate putting the
topics together. This invitation is especially directed to anyone
interested in putting together a presentation on sedimentation velocity
analysis... I don't present this topic (Walter does), so I have no slides
about it. Other topics will be welcome!

The presentation named "HowTo.ppt" is the top level presentation, and
contains links to the other topics. The presentations require Win95, and
can be viewed under PowerPoint 97. I am not sure if it is possible to make
these into 'standalone' presentations. If it is, I'll put a 'standalone'
version out there soon. The Sednterp.ppt expects to find Sednterp on your
disk- the presentation runs OK, but will gripe that it cannot find that
hyperlink. Likewise, the presentation about Nonlin will look for the
Windows executable nonlin.

I'll be interesetd in feedback. If there is sufficient interest (and given
some time), I'll try to put some text with the visuals... as it stands,
these may be of rather limited use to anyone who hasn't seen the presentation.
Best wishes,
Tom Laue

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