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  From: Walter Stafford <>
  To  : kgf@csb.YALE.EDU
  Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 18:02:36 -0400 (EDT)

RE: standard proteins that dimerize

Hi Karen,

	Why don't they just do an equilibrium run. ??

What is the monomer molecular weight?


Hello all,

An investigator here at Yale has run across a weak monomer:dimer
interaction that they have characterized using the mini-dawn light
scattering machine. They believe from their
analysis of the data that it has a Keq of about 5e4.

They would like to look at a few standard proteins that might have
slightly stronger Keq for dimer formation, in order to make sure that
the method by which they derived their Keq is valid.

This work would have to be done at room temperature. I am aware of
the monomer-dimer equlibrium of alpha-chymotrypsin at pH. 4.0. Does 
anyone have any other suggestions for candidate proteins that this
person could purchase for a reasonable price and use as a standard??
Specific literature references would be helpful.



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