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  From: Walter Stafford <>
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  Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 14:44:43 -0500 (EST)

1998 Protein Society

I am forwarding this announcement from the Protein Society.


From: Sherrie Hughes <protsoc@BIOCH.TAMU.EDU>
Subject:      12th Protein Society Symposium

Dear Colleague,

The 12th Symposium of the Protein Society will be held in San Diego from
July 25-29, 1998.  An exciting program of scientific sessions and workshops
has been planned and there will be several new features, including a
session of short talks by post docs and grad students.

Please help us to advertise and support this meeting by displaying the
meeting poster that was included in the Call for Abstracts, by bringing the
meeting to the attention of students, postdocs, and colleagues who would
benefit from attending, and by making your own plans to attend.

If you did not receive the Call for Abstracts or would like additional
information, please contact the Protein Symposium Office (tel 301-530-7010;
fax 301-530-7014; email  Meeting information can also
be found on our website at

The DEADLINE for abstracts (which can be submitted electronically) is March
25, 1998.

Thank you,

Bob Sauer


.....Judith Klinman
.....Peter Kim
.....Tom Baldwin


Genomics and Informatics
     Craig Venter  (TIGR)
     David Lipman  (NCBI)
     Janet Thornton  (U London)

Biological Frontiers
     David Baltimore  (Cal Tech)
     Gottfried Schatz  (U Basel)
     Edward Scolnick  (Merck)

Amgen Award Lecture
     Masasuke Yoshida  (Tokyo Inst Tech)

Aviv Anfinsen Award Lecture
     Jim Wells  (Genentech)

Dupont-Merck Young Investigator Lecture
     Nikola Pavletich  (Sloan Kettering)

Hans Neurath Award Lecture
     Ken Dill  (UCSF)

Merck Stein and Moore Award Lecture
     David Davies  (NIH)

Stein and Moore Symposium
     Brian Matthews  (U Oregon)
     Paul Sigler  (Yale)

Awards Banquet Speaker
     Greg Petsko  (Brandeis)

Enzymes in Disease
     John Blanchard  (Albert Einstein)
     Joan Valentine  (UCLA)

Design & Analysis of Structure
     Jane Richardson  (Duke)
     Bill DeGrado  (U Penn)

Computational Protein Science
     Bruce Tidor  (MIT)
     Michael Levitt  (Stanford)

Nucleic Acid Enzymology
     Elizabeth Blackburn  (UCSF)
     Lorena Beese  (Duke)

     Barbara Imperiali  (Cal Tech)
     Carolyn Bertozzi  (UC Berkeley)

Energy Transduction
     Robert Fletterick  (UCSF)
     Jim Spudich  (Stanford)

Ion Channels & Membrane Proteins
     Rod MacKinnon  (Rockefeller)
     Jurg Rosenbusch  (U Basel)

Enzymology of Amido-Transfer
     Janet Smith  (Purdue)
     Frank Raushel  (Texas A&M)

Evolving New Protein Functions
     Richard Lerner  (Scripps)
     Carl Pabo  (MIT)

Protein Folding
     Luis Serrano  (EMBL)
     Susan Marqusee  (UC Berkeley)


Mass Spectrometry 1
     David Russell  (Texas A&M)
     Simon Gaskell  (UMIST)
     Terry Lee  (Beckman Research Inst)
     David Smith  (U Nebraska)

Directed Evolution & Molecular Breeding of Proteins
     Willem Stemmer  (Maxygen)
     Brian Kay  (U Wisconsin)
     Andreas Pluckthun  (U Zurich)

Mass Spectrometry 2
     Joe Loo  (Parke-Davis Pharm Res)
     Carol Robinson  (Oxford)
     John Yates  (U Washington)

Ultracentrifugation & Molecular Association
    Preston Hensley (SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals)
    Walter F. Stafford, III (BBRI/Harvard)
    Karen Fleming (Yale)
    Jeffrey C. Hansen (UTHSC-San Antonio)
    James L. Cole (Merck Sharp & Dohme Res. Labs)

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