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  From: Francisco Jose P. Lopes <>
  To  :
  Date: Fri, 20 Nov 98 15:16:57 EDT

equilibrium sedimentation

We are looking for data of equilibrium 
sedimentation of aqueous sucrose solutions and/or 
solution of any macromolecule (binary solution), to 
check a theoretical approach. In the formalism 
that we are developing, the pressure effect is taken 
into account. So it is important that these data were 
obtained in modern ultracentrifuges.
	To do this comparison it is necessary the
 following data obtained by means of experiments 
in binary solutions:

      Density as a function of radial position
      Initial concentration
      Rotation velocity in centrifuge
      Volume of solution used
      Temperature of experiment
      Molecular weight of solute
      Partial specific volume of solute

	We would very glad if there is somebody 
interested in establishing a collaboration with us.


Francisco J. P. Lopes

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/ Instituto de Biofisica.


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