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  From: Tom Laue <>
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  Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 12:22:10 -0500

RASMB 2000 Meeting Announcement

The organizers of the 2000 meeting of the RASMB are pleased to announce
that the meeting will take place on February 13-18, 2000 at the Holiday
Inn, Ventura, CA. This will be a winter Gordon Research Conference.

There are 9 sessions at the conference. Below are some suggested topics.

Topics suggested so far:

   Reversible association in chromatin structure
   Protein-membrane interactions
   Dissecting the energetics of protein-protein interactions
   Designing protein-protein interactions
   Linked binding energetics
   Interactions in blood coagulation
   Engineering out aggregation in formulations
   Mass spectroscopy of interacting systems
   Techniques for the analysis of interacting systems
   Protein nucleic acid interactions

We are very interested in hearing suggested topics and suggested speakers.
Please contact either Tom Laue ( or Preston Hensley
( with your suggestions and comments.
Tom Laue
University of New Hampshire
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
46 College Rd.
Durham, NH 03824-3544

Phone: 603-862-2459
FAX:   603-862-4013

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