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  From: Joachim Behlke <>
  To  :
  Date: Thu, 16 Jun 1994 04:32:40 +0000

IX Symposium on Analytical Ultracentrifugation

   First Circular.

   Dear colleagues and friends,

The IX Symposium on Analytical Ultracentrifugation will be organized by the
Max-Delbr!ck-Centre for Molecular Medicine in Berlin in March 2./3. 1995.

The main topics of the meeting will be:

    - Reversible association processes of biomacromolecules
    - Analysis of supramolecular structures
    - Size distribution analysis
    - Trends in hard and soft were development

If you wish to participate we need your answer by September 1. 1994. In
addition you are kindly asked to inform us whether you want to present an
oral or poster contribution, for both of which an abstract of maximally one
page should be enclosed.
 Best regards.
 Joachim Behlke

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