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  From: dr. jack correia <>
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  Date: Thu, 9 Jun 94 12:19:23 -0500

Re: Windows

   John Philo has informed me that NaF under acid conditions will 
necessarily have some HF present that will attack quartz and he suspects
other types of windows!  [What is the pK of HF?]  The etching is most likely
 irrevsersible - I still wonder if repolishing is possible?  Dave Yphantis/
Jeff Lary caution against using NaF with filled Epon centerpieces, MgF2
 can be a problem!  We are using Kel F centerpieces!!  

   This event has caused me to look at the Beckman literature on solvents!
I have not yet found any precautions for windows!  Does such a list exist
either in the Beckman literature or in any other source on solvents to be
avoided with quartz?????

    This has been an expensive learning experience.  I cann't even get mad
at my student for doing it - I suggested the NaF!!


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