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  From: JOHN PHILO <>
  To  : rasmb <>
  Date: 24 May 1994 08:03:06 U

Re: vbar

Tom & Preston:

First, how large are the errors you are talking about? 5%? 10%?
Are the MWs always too small?

Second, many cytokines have relatively large numbers of disulfides,
yet this group of proteins does not, to my knowledge, behave 
anomolously in sed equilibrium.  For example, BDNF and NT-3
each have 3 disulfides per ~13,500 MW, but give sed equilibrium
MWs within 1% of sequence values.  EGF or TGF-alpha, with 3
disulfides per ~6000 Da would be good tests, but I have not run
these myself.  Perhaps someone else has data for these? 

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