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  From: dr. jack correia <>
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  Date: Mon, 16 May 94 13:08:25 -0500

Re: Differential sedimentation.

>I haven't tried, but have a couple of projects that are good candidates
>for this sort of analysis. I'll be paying close attention to this
>discussion since there isn't any written records on how to use the XLA in
>this fashion. The potential sensitivity to conformational changes is
>enormous, but I have always been concerned about mismatches in viscosity
>causing misinterpretations (causing me to chicken out). Does anyone have
>experience with this?
>Best regards-
>Tom Laue
      If you reread the Schachman papers on this method you will find it was
applied to APCase and the effect of small substrate concentrations, [c]'s
that would not change density or viscosity!  Matching density and viscosity
is a requirement of this method!!  Thus, it is limited to high affinity effector
It also requires extremely precise filling to perfectly match the menisci! 

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