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  Date: Wed, 11 May 94 12:27:57 +1000 subject...

Ok, so I don't mind being the fall guy.  I have a few questions concerning 
recent messages:

1.  What is the Van Holde-Weischet method and what advantages does it offer?

2.  How big are these sloping baselines and are they machine or sample 
dependent?  i.e. is it a 10% slope from meniscus to base and is it only 
apparent with a full cell? Is there a sample (say bromphenol blue) which 
everyone has access to which would allow sloping baselines to be checked on 
different machines?  For my part I am pretty happy with my baselines.

3.  I agree with the comment that Beckman have to be commended for the 
magnificent machine they have produced.  It is still mind-boggling to me that 
such accurate and reproducible data can be obtained with a sample spinning at 
60,000 rpm.  Commenting on possible improvements to the software and machine 
design is a positive step which I would think would be viewed favourably by 
potential customers and can only lead to a better machine.  

Would it make sense to start with the software and make a list of some of the 
limitations?  I keep anticipating a new package will be developed.  Is there 
a projected release date, what are the improvements  and is it too late to 
have an input into the new version?

Geoff Howlett

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