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  From: Thomas M Laue <>
  To  : Jeff Hansen <>
  Date: Wed, 4 May 1994 08:19:11 -0400 (EDT)

Re: Accomplishing long-term goals

Hi Jeff-
	I agree that the temperature system needs to be overhauled,
both in terms the range and accuracy. How trivial this is, though, is not 
clear. Your idea of putting together a wish list is a good one, and it 
would be useful, too, to come up with priorities for them. I am not clear 
on the NIH's position concerning the funding of upgrades to existing 
equipment. I suspect that if the amount falls into the range for the 
program and is justified adequately, that it could be funded (I'll find 
out about this). 
	Like most businesses, Beckman will be more likely to respond to 
our wishes if they sense that an improvement will generate income. Thus, 
I am not optimistic that building an appeal on the basis of what revenue 
has been generated in the past will be successful. My strong impression 
is that there are too few individuals at Beckman to handle all of the 
suggestions (e.g. for a 6-hole rotor, improved temperature handling, 
better user interface). This user group, then, may serve as a means for 
disseminating ideas. If someone comes up with one that seems truly useful 
and practical, perhaps as a group we could influence Beckman to help support 
the development of the idea in that persons lab. This may be a more 
rapid way of achieving some of our goals.

Best wishes-
Tom Laue

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