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    Analytical Ultracentrifugation

    The RASMB Analytical Ultracentrifugation Software Archive

  • Jack Correia's Analytical Ultracentrifuge Facility
  • The Analytical Ultracentrifuge Facility is located in the laboratory of Dr. Jack Correia, Department of Biochemistry, Jackson, MS. The facility includes a Beckman XLA Analytical Ultracentrifuge equipped with absorption optics.

  • Home of Peter Schuck's SEDFIT and SEDPHAT Programs
  • Software for the analysis of analytical ultracentrifugation and other hydrodynamic data

  • National Analytical Ultracentrifugation Facility, Storrs, CT
  • This group has been devoted to the development of analytical ultracentrifugation and
    its application to a wide range of basic and applied problems for well over a 30 years:
    Facility established in 1988

  • Data Analysis and general purpose NONLIN fitting software
  • Center for Biomathematical Technology, Michael L. Johnson, Director

  • Alliance Protein Laboratories
  • Protein biophysical characterization, protein purification, and protein stabilization.

  • John Philo's Software Home Page


  • The Analytical Ultracentrifugation Research Laboratory web page
  • Characterization of Biological Macromolecules
    and Thermodynamics of Macromolecular Interactions
    - Methods, Software and Optical System Development.
    Walter Stafford

  • SEDANAL- software for the analysis of interacting and non-interacting systems by velocity and equilibrium sedimentation.

  •     SEDANAL Home Page

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        Download the latest version of Sedanal


  • The Center to Advance Molecular Interaction Sciences at the University of New Hampshire
  • A resource serving academia and the pharmaceutical, biotechnology,
    and material science industries. Dr. Tom Laue, Director.


  • Biomolecular Interaction Technologies Center,

  • An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center designed to
    help the pharmaceutical and instrumentation industries provide advanced
    instruments and methods for characterizing molecular interaction. BITC is
    located at the University of New Hampshire
    Dr. Tom Laue, Director.


      Spin Analytical, Inc.

    Spin Analytical is committed to supporting the Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC) research community by providing accessories for use with the Beckman-Coulter XL-A/XL-I analytical ultracentrifuge.

    1. Cell Centerpieces
    2. Cell Housings
    3. Interference Window Holders
    4. Cell tools


  • Center for Analytical Ultracentrifugation of Macromolecular Assemblies at UTHSCSA
    An institutional core facility in the Department of Biochemistry at
    The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
    serving UTHSCSA researchers with solution state analyses of macromolecules,
    Dr. Borries Demeler, Director
  • UltraScan Software (Van Holde- Weischet Method)
  • UltraScan is a comprehensive data analysis software package for hydrodynamic data from analytical ultracentrifugation experiments.


  • NCMH, The UK National Centre for Macromolecular Hydrodynamics.
  • Facility for the characterisation of the sizes, shapes and interactions of
    macro-molecules of biomedical and industrial importance
    (proteins, polysaccharides, DNA, synthetic polymers etc.) in solution.

  • M.I.T. Biophysical Instrumentation Facility
  • The Analytical Ultracentrifuge
  • The Biophysical Instrumentation Facility houses instrumentation for aiding in the
    elucidation of macromolecular structure.
    The facility was established by Dr. Barbara Imperiali

    "UTHSCSA site for UltraScan SOlution MOdeler (US-SOMO) hydrodynamic modeling and other related (SAS,DMD) software developed by M. Rocco, E. Brookes and B. Demeler"


  • Jose Garcia de la Torre's site for hydrodynamic bead and shell modeling

  • HYDRO and SOLPRO software direct

  • BeckmanCoulter

  • ProteomeLab XL-A/XL-I
  • Links to AUC Analysis Software Packages
  • Webinar: Sedimentation for Success: Characterizing Small-Molecule/ Protein Interactions by Sedimentation Equilibrium, by Michelle Arkin, Ph.D.
  • XL-I Cell Components & Accessories Available for Ordering On Line!

  • Surface Plasmon Resonsance


    David Myszka's SPR site

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